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SAIL, Disability Network of the U.P. is a non-profit organization whose mission is to assist individuals with disabilities and promote accessible Upper Peninsula communities for all. Through generous funding provided by the One in Five Annual Appeal, SAIL is proud to provide a fantastic health and wellness program for Veterans across our beautiful Upper Peninsula. The program will provide opportunities for Veterans with disabilities to participate in fun seasonal activities to enhance their social and physical well-being alongside their peers. It is truly our honor and privilege to serve you this year!

Events will be held monthly throughout the Upper Peninsula in an effort to provide greater opportunities to our Veterans and families. Please check the calendar of events on our website Event's Page. or updates on locations and times. It is our hope that Veterans will register for events in their area and our annual UP-wide event in July so that you can reap the full benefits of participating in the activities and fellowship. For more information, please contact SAIL at 1-800-379-SAIL or email to UP Vets Served

I have participated in the U.P. Vets SERVED program in the past.(Required)


  • Program provided at no cost.
  • Veterans of all abilities are welcome. We will do our best to eliminate any barrier to participation (i.e. transportation, equipment, etc.) for all who identify such need.
  • Significant others & children also welcome to attend. Each family member or friend accompanying a Veteran must fill out a registration form to attend.
  • You will be informed through verbal or written contact at least five (5) business days in advance of the event about your eligibility for the program upon full completion of your registration forms.
  • If you need the services of a personal care assistant (PCA) at home, a PCA must accompany you. Your PCA must also fill out the registration forms.
  • If an event changes date or location, you will be informed well in advance.