What is the SPAR Program?

SPAR, Single Point for Activities and Recreation, is a health and wellness program for people of all abilities.

SPAR was created by SAIL in 2009. The program has become a gateway to SAIL services which provide support in increasing independent living skills for individual. In addition, SPAR helps individuals live a more healthy and balanced lifestyle through promotion of inclusion.

The SPAR program is designed to keep accessibility at the forefront when creating an activity. We collaborate with community agencies to provide a wide variety of activities to suit the skills and interests of the participants to promote a recreational lifestyle.

By engaging in the SPAR program, participants can:

  • Improve social skills
  • Increase their independence
  • Build relationships with others
  • Create a higher quality of life
  • Connect to the community

We appreciate every donation that is offered to SAIL. We do not sell or give out donor information to a third party under any circumstances. Thank you for your commitment to enhancing the lives of those living with disabilities in our community.

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