Assistive Technology

SAIL strives to increase awareness to help match people to the specific low cost assistive devices they need to maintain or increase their independence in the home, workplace or in the community.

Our services through our Assistive Technology Program:

  • Individual device demonstrations of various assistive technology devices to compare and contrast features of devices.
  • Group trainings to review and try out various assistive technology devices
  • Short term loans following a device demonstration to ensure device will work for individual (short term loans are typically loaned for up to 14 days so individual can “try it before you buy it”.)
  • Public awareness events to promote the use of low cost assistive technology for individuals to remain independent in their home, workplace or in the community.
  • Assistance with accessing funding to purchase the assistive technology devices.

Our focus is YOU! We will work with you to identify barriers and establish goals to live life your way with the help of AT! Contact SAIL at or 906-228-5744 for more information.

*Note: SAIL does not promote or sell devices in the Assistive Technology program but rather we assist in supporting and educating individuals to choose the best device to fit their needs

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