SAIL Marquette office closure

The SAIL physical office space will be closed to the public from Wednesday, December 6, 2023, until the New Year while we navigate a move to a new location! Our advocates are still working and available to meet with consumers, so please call the office at 906-228-5744. We will continue to provide services as usual during the office closure.  Please stay tuned for more information closer to our new office opening.

Giving Tuesday has passed, but it is never too late to donate and help make a difference!

We want to continue showcasing the amazing work SAIL staff have been doing, so we will be sharing more of their stories about the impact they have seen in consumer's lives using SAIL’s services. Today we hear from Disability Advocate, Emily Harris!

"I've been working at SAIL as a disability advocate for four months. One of the most impactful things I've seen since I started has been the ability to show individuals resources they never knew existed. For example, I have been working with an individual who is elderly. They are rapidly losing their eyesight and fear they will need to move into an assisted living facility. Together we were able to find adaptive ways for them to continue living on their own by bringing assistive technology devices like a large magnifying device, a shower chair, and many resources for navigating their phone. This consumer now says they feel safe living on their own again. These are the kinds of impacts we strive for every day. Every step along the way brings a difference in the consumer's life."

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Your support will help to strengthen five different SAIL programs:

SPAR is our wellness and recreation program where participants build social skills, learn, and have fun at various free events throughout the U.P.  Over the past year, we have hosted 114 participants at our free events.

U.P. Vets Served is a health and wellness program that hosts accessible events for veterans with disabilities around the beautiful U.P. to foster camaraderie in a welcoming and engaging environment for veterans and their families. So far this year, we have had the pleasure of serving 49 veterans through the U.P. Vets Served program, all at no cost to them due to generous donations from our community.

Sled Hockey U.P. provides an opportunity for individuals with many types of disabilities to enjoy the popular sport.  Funds raised go towards purchasing equipment and ice time rental for the U.P. Sled Cats in Marquette.

Assistive Technology is a program that allows SAIL to help individuals find and purchase low-cost assistive technology devices that support daily living tasks such as utilizing computers, cooking, dressing, and reading. Such devices can make a huge impact on an individual’s independence.

Home Safety is our newest program which promotes emergency preparedness and provides low-cost safety equipment to encourage individuals with disabilities to be safe in their homes.

If you would like to support SAIL’s mission this Giving Tuesday, visit


SAIL invests in and serves individuals living with disabilities across the U.P.

We hope any individual who might need SAIL in the U.P. will use us for peer support, independent living skills building, self-advocacy and gaining the confidence to live their best life.

We are here for you! Call us today at 906-228-5744.

Our Programs & Causes

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SPAR Program

Single Point for Activities and Recreation is a health and wellness program for people of all abilities. The program provides support in increasing independent living skills for individuals.


UP Sled Hockey

Sled hockey provides opportunities for many types of disabilities and there are opportunities available in local areas for recreation all the way to the National Sled Team that plays in the Paralympics.


U.P. Vet's Served

U.P. Vets SERVED is a program developed by SAIL for veterans of every ability and military families. We focus on creating opportunities for everyone to socialize in a supportive environment.


Assistive Technology

SAIL’s Assistive Technology Program can help match individuals with any items or devices they need to be more independent in their daily lives! Assistive Technology may include wheelchairs, memory aids, or computer software.

SAIL is here for you.

Live your best life!



Our goal is to develop independent living (IL) services for individuals with disabilities by improving access to available resources.

Living Skills

SAIL connects individuals living with a disability with independent living skills training to ensure a full, productive life.

Peer Support

We strive to be the conduit in making sure all locations, services, and information is accessible to everyone.


SAIL strives to support youth by improving workplace skills.


Assistive Technology

We match people to the specific low cost assistive devices they need to maintain or increase their independence in the home, workplace or in the community.

and so much more...

SAIL Success Stories

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I did it! I rode around the park on a Bike. Mo was there. I pedaled a bike around the park!
Bruce Barth
I’m more active now than I was before my accident.
Allen B.
I don’t know where I’d be if it wasn’t for them (SAIL), but I do know where I am today because of them.

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Thank you to a great organization for making the game accessible to all!

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The Tamarack City Fantasy Football League (TCFFL) every year, in memory of our fallen friend and 2-Time Champion, Aaron “AC” Brooks, makes a donation to a local organization within the Copper Country. AC was a dearly loved member of the TCFFL as well as an active volunteer in the community. We truly … Read more

The Tamarack City Fantasy Football League (TCFFL) every year, in memory of our fallen friend and 2-Time Champion, Aaron “AC” Brooks, makes a donation to a local organization within the Copper Country. AC was a dearly loved member of the TCFFL as well as an active volunteer in the community. We truly believe that AC’s spirit lives on in volunteers and good work in the community and this is why we choose SAIL as our 2023 Volunteer group to receive our donation. For 2023 our donation in memory of AC is $200 to SAIL in his honor. Donations are now over $1,560 since 2017 in memory of our dear friend from the TCFFL. We plan on continuing to win much like AC did -- over and over again. Thank you for all you do for our community. TCFFL members are: Zachary Halkola – Commissioner Christine Halkola – Former Champ Lindsay Hiltunen – Former Champ Thomas Hiltunen – Former Champ Abbi Halkola – 3 Time Champ Mike Ross Matt “MJ” Johnsen - Reigning Champion Crystal Haataja

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