Heather Bean Success Story

"This is my home; it’s cozy, it’s comfy, it’s clean. It’s a place to stay!"

Heather Bean lived in Hancock, Mi for fifteen years, when she decided she needed a change with more independence. Heather’s family supported her with finding a place in Marquette, but needed further assistance.

It’s a relief for us, says Heather’s brother Patrick, just knowing there’s someone else out there that can be available for a quick phone call, or even physically, providing assistance with some coordination, is a huge benefit.

Enter Fiona Banfield, a Disability Advocate for SAIL; she sat down with the family and outlined a process for independence. With help from the Safelink program, Fiona was able to procure a phone for Heather, so she would be able to communicate with her family and friends. SAIL also worked on transportation for Heather, so she was able to have more mobility and went through future goals, which included employment!

I’m working on becoming independent, like I have with SAIL; they’ve been very helpful, says Heather.

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