Allen B. Success Story

"I’m more active now than I was before my accident."

Allen B. sustained a spinal cord injury, in 2010, that left him paralyzed from the waist down. Instead of accepting, his life was going to change for the worse, Allen reached out to Superior Alliance for Independent Living for assistance.

“SAIL is there to let individuals know that you can do it. Life isn’t over after a spinal cord injury, or some other injury that makes you feel just gotta be cooped up in your home and you can’t go outside. That’s all false, because I’m more active now than I was before my accident.”

SAIL was able to help Allen B. find financial assistance in purchasing a motorized wheelchair.

Allen B., who was an avid hockey player and fan, ended up partnering with us to assist in growing an assistive sled hockey program. The Sled Cats are a fan favorite, showing the local community you can have fun and be competitive at any ability.