Jamie Glenn

Accessibility Advocate


Jamie Glenn is an Accessibility Advocate at SAIL, the Disability Network of the U.P. She is working to make our UP communities more accessible for all. Jamie also assists with SPAR recreation, Independent Living Skills, and Workshop events.

Jamie graduated from Northern Michigan University in 2018 with a degree in creative writing and journalism. During that time, she volunteered within the Marquette community and brought about change within the university setting. She was an elected representative for the Committee on Diversity, helped create the NMU food pantry, and advocated to create change within the NMU transportation system. She served as a Down Campus representative and was the Chair of Academic Affairs for the Associated Students of Northern Michigan University.

As a former “Bay Cliff kid,” she understands how important a support system can be. She values people and the environment and seeks to advocate and create system change within all diverse populations.


What Our Team Has To Say.

"I want to improve acceptance, community integration and employment opportunities for people in my community who have disabilities. They are individuals with strengths and challenges just like everyone else."
Kris Keranen
"As an intern at SAIL, I have been able to direct many people toward programs or organizations that may help people live more independently. Every time a goal is accomplished, the feeling of success is totally noticeable. Even with one client at a time, the community is noticing that this organization cares about our clients and the communities in which they serve."
Jennifer Webber
"Disability Network has allowed me to share ways to deal with social issues, given me new ideas about technology and other accommodations, helped me to share and release stress, and increased my self esteem."
Geri Taeckens