SAIL’S – Assistive Technology Program

What is Assistive Technology?

Assistive technology is any item or device that a person uses to help them do things in an easier way. For example, wheelchairs, medication reminders, magnification devices, low hearing devices, TTY, activation switches, memory aids, computer software and accessories, tools to help with eating, bathing, dressing and cooking.

Our Assistive Technology Program.

SAIL’s Assistive Technology Program can help match individuals with the devices they need to be more independent in their daily lives!

By utilizing assistive technology, the user will be able to:

Better control their environment * Have greater domestic mobility * Access to recreation * Ease in dressing and grooming * Greater control in eating * Better access to cooking * Cognitive learning assistance

If you would like to make a general donation, please visit our One in Five page.

Donor Privacy

We appreciate every donation that is offered to SAIL. We do not sell or give out donor information to a third party under any circumstances. Thank you for your commitment to enhancing the lives of living with disabilities in our community.

Your Donation Will Help Change Lives

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