Chocolate Festival 2021!


Congratulations To This Year’s Winners!

*As of Friday, February 26th, all winners have been contacted by phone so thank you again if you purchased a ticket!

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A recap of Tuesday’s Drawing
Tuesday, Feb., 23rd Basket Winners


Basket #1 The Grateful Fork: Ticket #1024

Basket #2 Sayklly’s: Ticket #0788

Basket #3 Cafe Bodega: Ticket #1554

Basket #4 Dulce Nulla: Ticket #1292

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A recap of Wednesday’s Drawing
Wednesday, Feb, 24th Basket Winners


Basket #5 Donkers: Ticket #1321

Basket # 6 Marquette Food Co-op: Ticket #1489

Basket #7 Econo Foods: Ticket #0736

Basket #8 Midtown Bakery: Ticket #0238

Basket #9 U.P. Dog Whisperer: Ticket #0179

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A recap of Thursday’s Drawing
Thursday, February, 25th Basket List:


Basket #10 – 231 West Patisserie: Tickets #0553 | #1157 | #1543

Basket #11 Towner’s Chocolate: Ticket #0412

Basket #12 Kid’s Cove – Family Fun Basket: Ticket #0460

Basket #13 Super One Foods: Tickets #1474 | #0087

There’s still time to purchase!



SAIL would like to invite you to support individuals living with a disability and our One in Five Annual Appeal this year by buying a raffle ticket to our virtual Chocolate Festival! Last year’s Chocolate Festival was a huge success and we were able to raise $6,776 in revenue for our four programs of the One in Five Annual Appeal!

Since the coronavirus pandemic has slowed down in person events, SAIL would like to continue our annual fundraiser via a raffle drawing February 23, 24 and 25th at 12pm each day! We are hoping this year will be just as successful as years in the past! We are asking supporters of the One in Five Annual Appeal to purchase a $5.00 raffle ticket at one our participating locations starting February 8th.


With a $5.00 raffle ticket, you will get one chance to win a package of your choice from a local chocolatier! All packages are valued at $100 or more so don’t forget to buy multiple tickets! Please find our list of chocolatiers and contents of each package below.

Tickets available in these locations

SAIL Offices: 1200 Wright St Suite A, MQT | (906) 228-5744

MQT Food Co-op: 502 W Washington St, MQT | (906) 225-0671

Sayklly’s: 609 County Rd Hq, MQT | (906) 273-2595

Midtown Bakery: 317 Iron St, Negaunee | (906) 475-0064

Our downloadable list of this years bakers

For more information about our programs

Thank you, to everyone at Pride Printing, for your wonderful donation of the ChocoFest tickets. You Rock!

It’s A Baker’s Dozen, Folks!

Below is a list of this years Chocolate Festival Bakers. All of us, at Superior Alliance for Independent Living, would like to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to donate to this campaign. To find out more about these talented chocolatiers, please click on the image above their name for a link to more information.

#1 – The Grateful Fork

Chocolate cake and a $50 gift card ($100 Value)

#2 – Sayklly’s

Wooden box full of Sayklly’s chocolate ($100 Value)

#3 – Café Bodega

$100 gift card & Because Marquette gear worth $75

#4 – Dulce Nulla

Gluten free cake gems, cupcakes & assorted chocolates ($100 value)

#5 – Donckers

Wood box full of Doncker’s treats & Gift Cards from Donckers and Delft Bistro ($200 value)

#6 – Marquette Food Co-op

A $100 gift card to the Marquette Food Co-op

#7 – Econo Foods

A $100 gift card to Econo Foods

#8 – Midtown Bakery

A $100 gift card to Midtown Bakery

#9 U.P. Dog Whisperer

A $100 gift card to the U.P. Dog Whisperer & a chocolate sign

#10 – 231 West Patisserie

3 chances to win a $100 gift card

#11- Towner’s Chocolate

Package of assorted Towner’s treats ($100 Value)

#12 – Family Fun Basket

All proceeds go to Kid’s Cove, Playground for All ($100)

#13 – Super One Foods

Two Chances to win a $100 gift card

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