COVID 19 Update

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From March 2020, SAIL has not stopped our ability to serve the U.P. community. SAIL staff have been providing services remotely and as we continually evaluate the current pandemic and follow expert advice, we will hope to be back in full swing soon.

In the meantime, our staff are ready, able and willing to continually provide services for the U.P. community who live with a disability.


Michigan TTY – Call 711

During any visit with a SAIL staff, we encourage everyone to wear a mask, to frequently wash their hands and continue to practice social distancing.

If you are unable to wear a mask, please let us know so we can do our best to provide you with an accommodation.


Sarah Peurakoski, Executive Director

Thank You For Your Support!

SAIL, Disability Network of the U.P. would like to thank the community for their participation at the 2020 Chocolate Festival that was held Feb. 23, 2020 at the NMU Northern Center.

The Final Numbers!

Our Current Project

SAIL strives to be the conduit in making sure all locations, services, and information is accessible to everyone in our community, including people who live with a disability. The Access4All program was designed to provide accessibility support services to any business or organization in any county in the U.P. via a fee for service.

More about this program….

We’re here for you!

SAIL invests in and serves individuals living with disabilities across the U.P. We hope any individual who might need SAIL in the U.P. will use us for peer support, independent living skills building, self-advocacy and gaining the confidence to live their best life! We are here for you! Call us today at 906-228-5744!

To learn more, watch our video here.

Our Causes

You can help all by donating some.

SPAR – A Single Point for Activities and Recreation Program

SPAR – A Single Point for Activities and Recreation Program

SPAR was created with the focus of promoting community involvement for individuals with disabilities through an active lifestyle and recreational events.

Sled Hockey Upper Peninsula Sled Cats

Sled Hockey Upper Peninsula Sled Cats

Sled hockey provides opportunity for many types of disabilities and there are opportunities available in the area for competition. Popularity is rapidly growing as players are “hooked” once they touch the ice.

U.P. Vets SERVED – A Program for Veterans and Military Families

U.P. Vets SERVED – A Program for Veterans and Military Families

They’ve have always been there for us, now it’s time to be there for them. Served allows veterans and their families an opportunity to reconnect.

SAIL’S – Assistive Technology Program

SAIL’S – Assistive Technology Program

Assistive technology can make a huge positive difference in a person’s level of independence. Our program helps bridge everyday living.


Another Way to Support

We are pleased to announce that SAIL is now accepting donations through Thrivent Financial’s Thrivent Choice® program. By directing Choice Dollars®, eligible Thrivent members can recommend which nonprofit organizations they feel should receive charitable grant funding from Thrivent. If you have Choice Dollars available to direct, please consider directing to SAIL.
To learn more about Thrivent Choice, visit Thrivent.com/thriventchoice. Or call Thrivent at 800-847-4836, and say “Thrivent Choice” when prompted.

Where the
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Operational and Program Breakdown for 2019
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One in Five Annual Appeal Donations 2020

A breakdown of each program’s monetary gifting for 2020. Total donations to date: $21,904!
  • In Kind Match
  • SPAR
  • Sled Cats
  • U.P. Vets SERVED
  • Assistive Technology

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