Alisha Wasilewski

Health and Wellness Coordinator


Hi! I’m Alisha Wasilewski and I am the Health and Wellness Coordinator at SAIL, the Disability Network of the U.P. I have worked in the healthcare field for over 20 years and I am excited to share my knowledge with anyone who is interested. Activities to promote health and recreation are my focus to ensure that every person has access to fun events so everyone can participate and have a good time.

My wish is that each individual can enjoy life, learn, challenge themselves, support each other, and know that they are capable of doing great things. Learning is lifelong. In my free time, I love to read, hike, knit, bike, bake, and explore our world. Will you please come join me?


What Our Team Has To Say.

"I want to improve acceptance, community integration and employment opportunities for people in my community who have disabilities. They are individuals with strengths and challenges just like everyone else."
Kris Keranen
"As an intern at SAIL, I have been able to direct many people toward programs or organizations that may help people live more independently. Every time a goal is accomplished, the feeling of success is totally noticeable. Even with one client at a time, the community is noticing that this organization cares about our clients and the communities in which they serve."
Jennifer Webber
"Disability Network has allowed me to share ways to deal with social issues, given me new ideas about technology and other accommodations, helped me to share and release stress, and increased my self esteem."
Geri Taeckens