Native American Services Advocates


SAIL received $654,000 over the span of three years from a federal grant from U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Community Living (ACL) to develop independent living services for Native American communities around the U.P. Sarah Peurakoski, Executive Director of SAIL states, “We are extremely excited to have this opportunity to learn more about the needs of the Native American communities in the Upper Peninsula. SAIL is grateful for the federal grant award and has committed to engaging and learning about the various cultural aspects of each tribal community around the U.P.” SAIL seeks to improve their understanding of needs of Native Americans living with a disability and to improve access to independent living services. “We intend to gain understanding of the needs of Native Americans living with a disability and focus on providing our five core services by hiring staff that are knowledgeable about tribal communities.

Our services through communication with our Native American Services Advocates:

The goal of the Native American Independent Living Program is to assess and develop independent living (IL) services for U.P. tribal members with disabilities by improving access to available CIL resources.


1) to improve the cultural competency knowledge of SAIL management and staff to serve U.P. tribal communities

2) to identify U.P. tribal collaborators for outreach and provide one to one person centered Tribal IL service needs in U.P. tribes

3) to improve the awareness about CIL’s in U.P. tribes through development of specific Tribal IL Specialists

 4) to develop needs based Tribal IL skills building program

5) to determine potential sustainability of Tribal IL services through SAIL.


1) increased specialized IL services based on tribal cultural competency training

2) tribal members identify increased options for community based independent living providers and services with support of Tribal IL Specialists

3) increased number of tribal members receive IL services and improved satisfaction with person centered IL services

4) tribal members will gain knowledge in IL skills and disability awareness through IL skills building program

5) SAIL will develop a sustainability plan to continue funding IL services on a local level via U.P. tribal collaborators.

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