The Action Trackchair Fund

Action Trackchair

SAIL, Disability Network of the U.P. is still seeking additional funding for the One in Five Annual Appeal to purchase an Action Track Chair. The Action Track Chair assists persons with mobility disabilities access outdoor areas where a regular wheelchair is unable to navigate the terrain. SAIL will utilize this chair in the Single Point for Activities and Recreation (SPAR) and U.P. Vets SERVED health and wellness programming to assist individuals living with a disability get out on trails, sand, and snow to fully experience the beautiful U.P. outdoors!

“We recognized the need for the addition of the Action Track Chair to our adaptive equipment inventory. This device will allow our consumers to actively participate in events on terrain that has previously been inaccessible to them.” said Sarah Peurakoski, SAIL Executive Director.

If you would like to make a general donation, please visit our One in Five page.


Donor Privacy

We appreciate every donation that is offered to SAIL. We do not sell or give out donor information to a third party under any circumstances. Thank you for your commitment to enhancing the lives of living with disabilities in our community.

Please Help Us to Continue Bridging the Gap.

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