30 Years of the ADA!


The After Party: July 26th – Continuing Workshops

Well, that was fun! Thank you to all our allies that participated in this celebration; we couldn’t have done it without you. And, thanks, to all of you who checked in daily; you’re exactly why we do this!

So, What’s next? The American with Disabilities Act of Michigan is hosting online workshops. These are all virtual events. Closed captioning and ASL interpretation will be available for all. Audio description will be added for primarily visual events. There is no cost to participate. But you will need to register at Eventbrite to get a password. An easy pass is available that will give you daily updates and passwords (for the cost of a T-shirt plus shipping). Event titles will all be Eventbrite links eventually.

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Celebrate With Us!

SAIL, Disability Network of the U.P. will be celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) from July13th to July 24th. Each day, we’ll be showcasing historic moments and advocates, that made this historic decision possible.

Check back daily for announcements, video links, and downloadable information, about our exciting celebration!

Our Calendar of Fun!

We ask each of you to take this one action step:

Select three (3) people to send a text or an email or a link to our Facebook Page encouraging them to educate themselves about accessibility and inclusion by viewing some of the material you believe would be interesting to them. Share this special celebration of freedom and equality.

Day 12: July, 24th – History, Education, Access, and Action!

Today, July 24 is our 12th and final day of our ADA 30th birthday celebration honoring our heroes & heroines who fought to create paths of accessibility for all, and celebrating what our Upper Peninsula counties can accomplish as a community. Now we invite you to join us in this celebration.

As the celebration of the ADA past 30 years and hopes for the next 30 years draws to a close, SAIL and our partners want to thank you for joining us. We hope your sharing this journey has:

  1. Provided new and useful information.
  2. Helped you find new heroes and heroines.
  3. Encouraged you to act on your own behalf to improve your world.
  4. And, motivated you to share your passion for accessibility with others in your community.

It has been an honor and a privilege to virtually share with all of you. We will keep 12 Days of the ADA up on our website so the community can return at different times for just the information they need at that moment. Please call SAIL with any feedback on this series or ideas about moving forward in creating an Absolutely Accessible Upper Peninsula.

We are ending with a quote from one of our heroines, Judith Heumann. At the end of her memoir, just released this spring of 2020, she shares:

Change never happens at the pace we think it should. It happens over years of people joining together, strategizing, sharing, and pulling all the levers they possibly can. Gradually, excruciatingly slowly, things start to happen, and then suddenly, seemingly out of the blue, something will tip

Day 11: July 23, Advocacy and Accessibility

Today July 23, Day 11 of our ADA 30th birthday celebration, we are sharing resources for learning more about the twin sisters, Advocacy and Accessibility. Without advocacy, the education to achieve inclusion for all is not possible. SAIL invites members of the community to become partners with us in self -advocacy and community advocacy. Without the active engagement of individuals living with disabilities and those who are temporarily abled, we cannot achieve the future we seek—an Absolutely Accessible UP. When we can meet safely in larger groups, SAIL will be hosting a series of films and community discussions on how to help motivate further change in our 15 counties. Today we offer the opportunity to explore several of the groups who are actively changing the world.

Let us begin with a simple timeline of the emergence of disability rights over the past 300 years. You can explore the National Consortium on Leadership and Disability for Youth (NCLD/Y) website for this timeline. We believe you will think as we did after reviewing the timeline, “who knew?”

SAIL Access 4ALL is SAIL’s regional program to assist    individuals, businesses, and government entities to achieve greater accessibility and inclusiveness. This includes volunteer opportunities to serve on the Ambassadors Team conducting site reviews across the 15 counties in the Upper Peninsula

At our state level, the Michigan Disability Rights    Coalition is a great place to look for information about statewide opportunities to become more active as a disability advocate

We want to remind you that Michigan ADA will have their celebration of the ADA 30th birthday July 26th to Sept. 28th with Susan Fitzmaurice. And so much more available on their website.

Let’s turn to the west coast of the US and meet the disability rights group Sins Invalid. They have published a Disability Justice Primer designed to be accessible to most. SAIL is using their information to assist community partners in creating accessible public events and community mobilizations. If you only visit one of the offerings today—chose this one.

At a national level, a key group to learn about and be inspired and motivated by is the Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund. They provide information across the whole spectrum of disability rights.

At the international level, explore the UN Convention on the Rights of persons with Disabilities. (Of note, our country has still not ratified this Convention.) The first article states: Article 1 – Purpose:

The purpose of the present Convention is to promote, protect and ensure the full and equal enjoyment of all human rights and fundamental freedoms by all persons with disabilities, and to promote respect for their inherent dignity.

Persons with disabilities include those who have long-term physical, mental, intellectual or sensory impairments, which in interaction with various barriers may hinder their full and effective participation in society on an equal basis with others.

Michigan’s Accessible Outdoor Recreation!

The dedicated outdoor enthusiast at Michigan’s DNR, would like everyone to know the beauty of this great state is accessible to everyone.

For a list of all accessible areas, by topic and location, please visit our list at www.michigan.gov/DNRAccessibility

Day 10: July 22th – Inclusion in the U.P. Great Outdoors

Today July 22, Day 10 of our ADA 30th birthday celebration —we continue our focus on the great outdoors in Michigan and our focus is creating accessible outdoor recreation across the UP.

First is a conversation with a panel of four key players in the State of MI and the Upper Peninsula. They share many achievements in the great outdoors and what they believe is important in the future to create an Absolutely Accessible Outdoor UP experience for all. Our panel members are Merrie Carlock from the DNR Grant division; Carol Fulsher of the Iron Ore Heritage Trail, Lauren Luce, Senior Planner for Marquette County and Bill Sanders, a landscape architect of Sanders & Czapzki Associates.

Second, the exciting development of hand pedaled off road bikes–Jake O’Connor shares his experience with becoming disabled and how it changed his world and his work.

And, thirdly, Bay Cliff Health Camp, in Big Bay, has created videos to share two programs they offer adults living with disabilities.

Website: The Iron Ore Heritage Trail
Video: Discovering – Craig Lake State Park
Video: North Country Trail Ribbon Cutting
Video: Native & Non-Native Plants IOH
Online article: The Colorado Sun: Jake O’Connor
Website: Reactive Adaptations – off-road handcycles
Video: Baycliff – Let’s Celebrate Inclusion!
Video: Baycliff – We have Adaptive Kayaking!

Day 9: July 21th – Conversation with the U.S. Access Board

Today, July 21, Day 9 of our ADA 30th birthday celebration, we are beginning our focus on an area of great importance to many individuals in the Upper Peninsula- our great outdoors. We will share a conversation with Mr. Bill Botten, Training and Technical Assistance Coordinator for the U.S. Access Board. The U.S. Access Board is a federal agency that promotes equality for people with disabilities through leadership in accessible design and the development of accessibility guidelines and standards.

Recommended Resources–The US Access Board has the regulations on all the ADA Titles and extensive information on outdoor areas. Take your time and explore all the resources available. And yes, they do answer their phones and emails.

ADA Checklist for Existing Facilities
Website: US Access Board

Day 8: July 20th – City of Marquette ADA Proclamation

Today, July 20, Day 8 of our ADA 30th birthday celebration, we want to share –the City of Marquette ADA Proclamation with Marquette Mayor, Jenna Smith.

More about the Proclamation!

Video: TV 6 Interview with Sarah Peurakoski.
City of Marquette ADA Proclamation
Infographic: Range of Disabilities in the U.S.

Day 7: July 19th – Your Right to Vote!

Today, July 19, Day 7 of our ADA 30th birthday celebration, we have asked the non-partisan group—The League of Women Voters to join us for a discussion about accessibility modifications for assuring every individual the opportunity to vote. There’s also, excellent material presented by the Michigan Secretary of State, videos of personal voting experiences, and a link to Michigan Legal Help.

And, a another great resource come voting day; HOTLINE – Voting Access problems day of election: 800-288-5923

What’s On the Ballot
Michigan Specific Voting Info
Vote for Access Video
Michigan Legal Help
Infographic: Top Ten Voter Experience Tips
Michigan’s Secretary of State’s Election Page

Day 6: July 18th – Because It’s the Law!

Today, July 18, Day 6 of our ADA 30th birthday celebration, SAIL shares a conversation with two local lawyers: Brian Sheridan, Attorney at Law with a practice in Ishpeming and Kim Winokur, Attorney at Law practicing in Marquette. They share their perspectives on the challenges facing those with complaints their rights have been violated.

SAIL Video – Conversation with local lawyers on the ADA

Michigan Disability Resources
ADA.gov Enforcement Menu
Michigan ADA
Michigan Legal Help

Day 5: July 17th – Access to the ADA

Today, July 17, Day 5 of our ADA 30th birthday celebration, we want to share vital national and state resources for individuals seeking help in asserting their rights and accessing the regulations that define the ADA.

Information and Assistance to the ADA Act

ADA Federal Resources

ADATA Organization
ADA Anniversary
Access to Regional Centers
ADA Articles of Enforcement
Michigan ADA Celebration with Susan Fitzmaurice
Infographic of the Range of Disabilities in the U.S.

Day 4: July 16th – The Fight to be Included

Day 4 of our ADA 30th birthday celebration, let us honor the actions of many Disability Advocates who led two critical fights.

The first fight was to have the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 finally enacted in 1978 by the signing of the regulations by Joseph Califano to make it so.

The second fight was to assure the Americans with Disabilities Act was signed by President George Bush, the elder. The story and images of the “Capital Crawl” demonstration got the entire country’s attention.

Documentary Film: We Won’t Go Away!
Blog Review of the Movie: We Won’t Go Away
Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund
Jennifer Keelan: The Capital Crawler
The Capital Crawl: 1990
Video: Signing the ADA 1990

Day 3: July 15th – An Advocacy Heroine

Day 3 of our ADA 30th birthday celebration, we want to introduce you to one of the heroines of the disability movement, Judith Heumann. We hope you will watch these two videos of Judith Heumann (in a lovely serendipity pronounced Human!) as she shares about her life and about the critical need for ongoing advocacy for individuals with disabilities.

Let’s get familiar with this amazing woman, watch this 17 minute Ted Talk

Our fight for disability rights – and why we’re not done yet

An Interview with Trevor Noah of the Daily Show
Report: Changing the Face of Disability in the Media
The Book: Being Heumann – Paper | Kindle | Audio

Day 2: July 14th – The Voices Of the Disability Community

Day 2 of the SAIL ADA 30th birthday celebration, we invited the Executive Committee of the SAIL Board of Directors to join us for a round table discussion sharing their journeys from the role of being an individual with a disability to becoming a leader focusing on advocacy for the rights of individuals living with disabilities.

A Conversation with SAIL’s Executive Board Committee

Share Your Experience! #ThankstoTheADA
Video – Examined Life | Judith Heumann & Sunaura Taylor
U.S. Disability Range In-Depth Infographic

Day 1: July 13th – Celebration Kick Off!

Welcome to SAIL for this 12-day celebration of the 30th birthday of the American with Disabilities Act. President George Bush, the elder, on July 26, 1990, signed the ADA into law. We will “open” new gifts each day for the community from July 13 through July 24.

Day 1 of our ADA 30th birthday celebration, we share our Media Meet program with Elizabeth Peterson from NMU/PBS. The SAIL Executive Director, Sarah Peurakoski and the Accessibility Services Coordinator, Lucy Wilcox met with Elizabeth to highlight some of the achievements in accessibility in the UP over the past 30 years as well as to envision achieving an Absolutely Accessible UP by 2050.

NMU – Media Meet Access

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