Community Support

SAIL helps coordinate the many different supports people with disabilities need, including services for independent living, and nursing home transition programs.

Independent Living

Tailored to the individual, these supports may include:

  • Information & Referral
  • Case management of all services, supports, and/or treatment
  • Job development, training, and supervision for supported employment
  • Community living supports to increase or maintain self-sufficiency
  • The transportation services key to success in education, employment, and community participation
  • Guidance for individuals and families evaluating housing options
  • Information for families planning their child’s transition to adult services, Social Security application, guardianship, wills and trusts, and other adult issues

Nursing Home Transition

As part of Michigan’s Single Point of Entry program, SAIL also provides information and supports for people who want to move from nursing homes to the housing of their choice.

We help individuals:

  • Create a plan for transition
  • Evaluate housing options
  • Assess housing for potential barriers and find ways to overcome them
  • Create checklists and shop for furniture, groceries, and other items for new housing
  • Set up cleaning service, meals, transportation, and community activities